Friday, December 30, 2005


It is hard to believe that 2005 is ending and 2006 will be beginning.

The year past has brought more changes in my relationship with Peggy.

It is more difficult to get a response from her. She speaks softly and it is difficult to hear what she is trying to say. She hangs up the phone when I am trying to talk with her. But she can still laugh!

I sent her a gold locket for her Christmas present.

I put a picture of us inside of it and her husband said that she is wearing it.

I wonder if she will ever open it to see us in happier times.

I wonder if she will know who is in the picture smiling back at her from the locket around her neck?

Our hearts are forever entwined...

In my mind and around her neck in a heart locket with a picture of us...

Just for Peggy.

I will miss sharing 2006 with Peggy but I am so glad that we had other New Years Eve celebrations together even though we were miles apart.

I will miss your phone call again this year when the clock strikes 12:00 am, Peggy.

I will miss hearing you shout.....

Happy New Year, Mary Louise!!!!

So, Happy New Year, Peggy, Just a little early!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



barbpinion said...

I hope she opens the locket from time to time. Love, once given, is never wasted. I know she is distant now, living in her own world, but pray that from time-to-tome she will remember.
Much love

wendy4145 said...

I think that locket is such a perfect gift for Peggy!
I am glad she is wearing it!  I know you feel good that Peggy is wrapped with your love and memories of the two of you around her neck in a chain locket picture gift.


sanforized6 said...

I hope that somewhere, in what is left of her memories, she remembers you, if only for a second. It will make her have a Happy New Year, as I hope you and yours do! rich

magogos said...

I am glad Peggy is wearing your locket. The love you have for her, must somehow seep through her chest and into her heart. Margo

chgodiab said...

Mary Louise,
i have been reading your journal entries for about the last few months.. My dad has alzheimers, and has gotten ill from other illnesses as well especially over the last 8-9 months..
i feel for you and understand what you are going through, and i see my dad about 3 times a week, and that helps me to understand what hes going through, and allows me to try and do what i can to help him..I have made alot of progress with him, i play music for him, read him books, bring him his favorite foods.
i did grieve over what i had, but i look at the fact hes still here, and try to do for him while i still the only kid out of three he recognizes; to me thats a blessing...

slyracing1 said...

You are the best sister!  Peggy is a very lucky woman Mary Louise!
Hugs with Love Kendra