Thursday, August 4, 2005


Peggy is not adjusting to her new surroundings, so far.

She did not sleep on Monday or Tuesday night so keep her close in your prayers.

The baby that I ordered from the Alzheimer's store has arrived and it is very life like and weighted to feel like a real baby of 8 pounds.

I bought Mary Ellen a pink blanket and have her all ready to send to Peggy.

I just pray that Peggy will want her and that Mary Ellen will become a comfort to her.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


sanforized6 said...

I hope Mary Ellan helps. You deserve some good news. rich

derasta said...

I think Mary Ellen will be perfect for her now that she is not adjusting well at this time and she might feel comfort from the doll.

siennastarr said...

I'm sure she will love her!  She is beautiful, and so life like.

She is in my prayers daily..


dimundntheruf69 said...

my daughter has this baby..I hope she will be a comfort to her too...christie

wendy4145 said...

MY Gosh!  That baby is awesome!!!
I want to get me one!

Peggy will LOVE her!  ML sends Mary Ellen to Peggy for hugs and snuggles....maybe, after Peggy has snuggled her wiht love, Mary Ellen may hug and comfort you, from Peggy.

I have been keeping Peggy in my prayers.  Are you sending Mary Ellen to Peggy's Husband?  It may mean a lot more to her if he is the one who gives her to Peggy.  Unless of course you hand her to Peggy.

I wish she was more comfortable there.  I wish she was at a place that put Peggy first, that would allow Peggy to have family  visitors who want to be with her.  Kind of makes an already hard situation worse.  It's not a mistake to make Peggy, the patient as comfortable as possable in this new horindous adjustment.  She needs familiar faces MOST when leaving a familar place to a strange one...

I pray that Peggy gets  the best of care and as much time with her family as she wants and needs.
This is so heart breaking.
I pray for comfort to Peggy and her family who are hurting so badly at this moment.   I pray that Mary Ellen can make a great difference.


magogos said...

I will continue praying for Peggy, and adding the hope that ME will be a true companion for her. Margo

magogos said...

I will continue praying for Peggy, and adding the hope that ME will be a true companion for her. Margo

inafrnz247 said...

The adjustment period can take awhile, that's for sure.  Right now, she is probably angry, confused and scared...but in time, she will be okay.  I'm sure of it.  I hope you are somewhat close by so you can visit her once she is settled in.  Continuing prayers, Michelle

janacassie said...

what a beautiful baby.  I know she will love it. I am sad for you and your sister.
I hope she will be there any hope or research that looks promising for her.

indigosunmoon said...

I think she'll love the new baby!
She's very cute!  And yes, very

thebaabee said...

I will pray for Peggy.  The baby is just the thing.  A lot of the Alzheimer's patients in the nursing home I worked at had similiar babies.  It seemed to be a comfort to them.  I will pray for peace for you too.  Love bunches LuAnne