Monday, August 8, 2005


Peggy is slowly adjusting to her new home.

I still feels strange to not hear her voice every day. I miss being a daily part of her life so much. 

I mailed her doll, Mary Ellen to her and she should have it by Wednesday and her husband will take it to her. I hope that she will want it and that it brings her some comfort.

So, one journey is over and another begins.

I just keep reminding myself to breathe.

I remind myself to breathe as I hold on and let go.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



siennastarr said...

I notice that since Peggy has entered her new "home", you have been very sparse with your entries here.  I think, that, just as Peggy is adjusting to her new world, so are you.  Just knowing that Peggy is not in the place that you feel she should be (her natural home), you are feeling out of place too.
At any rate, that's just my thoughts.  I have been reading you from the start of this journal, and feel as though I have traveled down this sad path with you, as you watch your sister slowely disappear...

I hope that Peggy loves her baby.  Let us know..


wendy4145 said...

I understand.  And even though this is breaking your heart,  part of you is numb... I'm glad you can remind yourself to breath.

It's like:(can you take the sticky bandaid off of my scab a little SLOWER???)

I'm very glad to hear though, that she is getting ok with her new surroundings.  It takes time I suppose.
She will LOVE Mary Ellen.  I can't wait to hear about when she gets her!

The good thing about taking the bandaid off SLOWLY, is that you can take breaks that stop the pain some along the way...  I think Mary Ellen is good for that..   Some of you phone conversations have been a nice break from pain.

I pray for you all, for your comfort, peace, hope, love, joy and God be with you.


magogos said...

I am glad that she is slowly adapting, but so sad you cannot talk to her every day. I cannot imagine how difficult that must be. I hope the doll is something she can cling to. I will be waiting to hear. Margo

caragricke said...

As I was reading this, I felt that Mary Ellen #2 is an addition to our family.  I know  that this  idea but may be strange for  some people but I don't mind.  I feel in my heart that we are with her.  I will always remember when I told Johnny, our brother, that she was moving, he said "it is so hard for me to see her and deal with this because my heart is too soft". My heart ached for him but I need to tell him we have a new sister...ha! ha!
Thanks ML for your dedication in writing this journal and keeping a history of how this disease has affected you and it is also a journal for each one of us to share with others.  As I have said, I can't put into words what I am feeling but you do it for me.  Love,  caragricke