Monday, August 15, 2005


I watched extreme surgery on the Health Channel last night.

The program concerned people who had been horribly disfigured by an accident.

Most of them did not look human as we know it because of their accidents.

I listened to their stories and realized as they talked that they were the same on the inside but their outward appearance had been altered.

These severely damaged people were getting a new start in life because of an artist who can make body parts.

When he had finished his amazing work, the people looked as well on the outside as they were on the inside.

I thought of how the people on the show were the reverse of what Peggy is experiencing.

The people on the show were the same on the "inside" but looked different on the "outside" because of their accidents.

Peggy looks the same on the "outside" but is different on the "inside"  because of the accident of Alzheimer's disease.

Physical looks can be deceiving. What is on the outside may not reflect what is on the inside.

The people that I saw last night were horribly damaged but still had their speech, their spirit, their spunk to survive and their drive to be whole and well again.

When the accident of Alzheimer's happen to a person, it goes inside of the brain and destroys the person on the "inside" while leaving the "outside" almost the same.

The next time that you see a person who has been disfigured or born with a deformity don't look away...

Smile and say, Hello. They may look different on the outside but they may be still present and whole on the inside.


When you encounter a person who looks normal on the outside but has a bland look in their eyes and can not communicate but stares blankly at you....

Alzheimer's disease may have disfigured them on their "inside" but still smile and say...Hello.

The human spirit processes great power to be well again but...

Alzheimer's disease takes that power away and what remains is...

A perfect body with nothing left on the inside.

Your physical appearence is not who you really are....

Who you really are is on the "inside" and Alzheimer's disease has taken that away from Peggy.

I Love You Today, Peggy and ....

I so miss the person who was on the inside and made you who you were!

Mary Louise



psychfun said...

Beautiful reminder! Thank You!!!!


sanforized6 said...

Makes you wonder why we have all these hang ups over "looks" and very little concern about what's inside. Peggy could be in commercials, but no one on the set could care less about her illness. Sad!! rich

wendy4145 said...

Yes.  I do see the comparison of opposite situations in internal and external health.

a young boy age 19 "from our church' fell off his apt. balcony and lost use of his body from the neck down.

i remember feeling like if that was me" i'd wnat to be shot so i could go live with God in peace"

But Paul Boyd is SO glad to be alive 6 years later.  He takes college classes, uses a computer, fund raises, has down times when he gets a bed sore or has to have surgery.  but he was GLAD he didn't die in that accident because he "his insides" are still VERY MUCH alive and well and healthy.

We don't know how we would feel until we crossed the birdge or walked in those exact shoes.

Peggy is a gorgeous lady like all of her sisters, mom and family....  she has this illness that is injuring her insides.  BUT, no illness is forever.  those who are paralized will walk again... those who are mamed will be beautiful again, and those who forget, will remember again... all with much greater beauty than before.


siennastarr said...

I have always tried my best to look past the outside to what's inside, and to look further past what appears to be blank on the outside to what is even further on the inside.  I work in the ER so I deal with both of those issues.  I mostly see the latter though.  So many of the mostly elderly that either have severe dementia or alzheimers dz.  I still always talk to them as if they were completely whole, God Bless them all...
Has Peggy become any more interested in the baby you sent her?


s0ngbird1962 said...

Words of wisdom, no truer spoken.

Amazing that although Peggy can no longer communicate, she continues to teach those around her about the true meaning of love & life.