Wednesday, August 31, 2005


If you "only" recall and live in the past...You see no future.

That is where I find myself concerning Peggy.

Remembering our past as sister's is all that is left because....

There is no future with Peggy.

Watching Peggy disappear has taught me many things. One great lesson is the gift of remembering the past and also looking to the future.

I appreciate the gift of the future more now because....

I have been watching my sister...disappear.

My sister, Peggy who has a past but her future stopped when Alzheimer's entered her brain and destroyed any hope for a future. 

I have to remind myself that it is alright to ramble around in our past as sister's but....

 I must always remember to keep my eyes and heart focused on the future.

The future that will eventually become my past.

I Love You Today, Peggy and I will miss our future together.

Mary Louise

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wendy4145 said...

But Peggy does have a future.  And she has a present.  God is with her now and he will be with her in her future when she is born into paradice with God.  Peggy will suffer no more confusion one day in her future.

I just watched a very close friend of ours "brother in law" suffer for 2 years dying of lung cancer.  Age 54...  It doesn't seem fair, but his death brought me closer to my own.  He was ready to go.  He was ready for relief, and un afraid... and sure, that it was time to go. "he told me so"

I was very comforted by that.  I am more comfortable about my own death now than I have been.  It is a big part of life... just like birth is death to a baby in utero.  Our rebirth to paradise, with God.

We miss Danny. It isn't fair.  Wasn't easy to see his tests come  back with bad news consistantly for 2 years.  Isn't easly to see his wife and daughter, mother, dad and sister face their future without him.  Maybe we can appreciate the little things we take for granted... maybe some good will come out of this for them, some how..

Death, it's a natural part of life, and it hurts to watch someone suffer.  But at least we got to say goodbye.

I spoke too much about my self today ML...   I am hurting and I hope this can help you in some way with what you are going through, because the waiting is the hardest part.

Love you,