Tuesday, August 23, 2005


In my corner of the world today, there is a brilliant blue sky with thick, fluffy white clouds.

I looked at the clouds this afternoon and thought how solid they appeared. I imagined that if I could fly high above and jump onto one of the thickest clouds, I would surely have a soft landing. I could lie on it and float looking down at the world below me.

The clouds, though thick are deceiving because if I were to jump, I wouldn't land on one, I would fall straight through it to the ground.

Grief is like the fluffy clouds to me. It forms, thick around me but I know that it can not hold me.

Falling through the grief over losing Peggy is the only way to heal.

It's just a long way to fall and there is always the fear of the unknown landing spot.

I heard this yesterday and now, I know where I will land.

The grammar is not good but the words brought great comfort to me when I heard them.

"Ain't nothin gonna happen  to me today that me and Jesus cain't handle".

Bring on the clouds of grief and let me fall through them to heal because even in my grief over watching Peggy disappear......

"Ain't nothin gonna happen to me today that me and Jesus cain't handle"!

I Miss You and.......

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise 





mosie1944 said...

I used to have a refrigerator magnet with that saying, but I had a friend going through some tough times, and felt she needed it more than I did; so I gave it to her.  

Years ago when we were touring backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, we noticed Roy Acuff had a sign on his door with that saying, which is the first time I had ever seen or heard it.

wendy4145 said...

Maybe Jesus can help the pain be cushioned un like the beautiful clouds with no cushion.
a lift of spirit is what I hope for you during this time of grief.


siennastarr said...

Just knowing He is there to cushion the blow from all the hurt and grief you feel over watching your sister disppear (literally), will be softer than any cloud, even if you could rest upon it.  
Has Peggy shown any interest in her little baby doll yet?


indigosunmoon said...

Mary Louise,
Thanks for sharing your clouds
with me today.  They are so
very beautiful.  Loved your entry