Thursday, May 6, 2004


I recieved a box in the mail yesterday. It was my birthday box from Betty Jean.

I had a fun time going through the little, thoughtful gifts that she sent to me.

The presents were....

A crown...of course! (smile) I have it on!

Napkins that said; The Queen doesn't cook!

An article about sand....I have a sand collection with sand samples from all over the world.

A little pillow that said; Don't treat me any differently than you would The Queen!

"Eat your Peas" for sisters with cards inside that said; 1. I Love You 2. I'm so lucky.You are my sister. 3. Sister, when you need me, ASK. I want to be there for you.   There were 10 cards in all with reminders that I am loved..

A  c.d..... I love music and B J sent me, Beethoven's Moonlight. It is a beautiful C D and I will enjoy listening to it.

A beautiful card that said; Because we are Sisters, we share a precious bond. We have childhood memories to laugh at, silly stories to retell and secrets that we keep safe. Because we are sisters, we understand each other in a special way.We truly appreciate the gifts of friendship and family. Because we are sisters, we help during the hard times, share in the good times and are there for each other...Always!

She signed it....Love today, tomorrow and always!  You are a treasure to me! What would I  have without sisters? A big void in my life!   Betty Jean

During this difficult time as we Watch Peggy disappear...BettyJean, Barbara and I stay close to one another, encourage one another, cry together, miss Peggy together and stay strong for each other.                                                                                        We are all very different but so much alike in our love for one another!

We ALL Love you Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



barbpinion said...

I am so glad you support one another and share tears too. Love your birthday box. Great presants. HUGS.  **Barb**

beppeinpcola said...

Wow! Litte did I know that what I did (from my heart) would be your topic make me proud!  All the gifts are from my heart and always have and will be.  BUT, you, Barbara and I are gifts to one another and we share "our gifts" with Peggy at this important time. We are all smiling...especially Mother, who raised us to love one another deeply.  She also always made our birthdays SPECIAL...oh by the way...what do you want for your birthday dinner (ha).  Love, Betty Jean

krobbie67 said...

Happy Birthday Mary Louise! I can't even imagine the bond of sisterhood. I don't have any. I have three brothers. I'm glad you have something so special to cherish. You all sound so close. :-) ---Robbie