Tuesday, April 13, 2004


When I was young, I was involved in the pageant scene. Those days turned into married life and babies but my sister's never let me forget those pageant days. Every time I would come home, they would crown me something! They didn't want me to miss my crown and pageant days. The picture above was taken when I came home for a visit and they crowned me "Miss Triple Wide".

I watched the Miss Universe pageant last night and was so sad.  This was something that Peggy and I always did together.       I remembered all the televised Miss USA's and Miss America Pageants that Peggy and I watched together...On The Phone!

When we were girls, the big thing to do was to play Miss America. We would get a discarded curtain for our royal robe. Make a crown out of tin foil, use a baton as a scepter and take turns pretending that we had just won and were the new... Miss America! We would walk down the hallway of our house waving to the crowds of  imaginary, adoring fans.

When we grew up and never won the pageant...(smile) we would watch it on television, miles apart and call one another during commercials and give up dates and judgments as to who would win. We were nearly always right as we choose the top ten young women and the new Miss America or Miss USA.

Watching those pageants together by phone became a yearly ritual for us. We would hoot and hiss at some decisions. Always wanting Miss Alabama to get in the top ten and win.

I watched the pageant last night and cried some, because I missed Peggy, hissed some, hooted some but I did it alone. There was no Peggy on the phone to share the pagent with me. No, Peggy to share the fact that Miss Alabama didn't win this year and to ask one another.... what in the world were the judges thinking!

Watching those pageants alone is another reminder that Peggy will not be apart of my future.

It was just a little silly thing that we did together that is gone.... because of Alzheimer's Disease.

Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit.

Sisters touch your heart in ways no other could...  Sisters share....their hopes, their fears, their love, Everything that they have. Real friendship springs from their special bond...  Carrie Bagwell


I Love You Today, Peggy! I missed you last night.

Mary Louise


somenuttychic said...

Your sister is very lucky to have a sister like you who cares for her so much. As the years pass, I hope this journal brings back many fond memories for you.

slowmotionlife said...

Awwww... what a sweet, sweet entry.  I've read your journal before, so I understand what's happening with your sister. And I'm so sorry.  My sisters are my best friends.  I'm currently going through some similar things with my own mother, but to be honest, it would be much, much harder if it were one of my sisters.  I just love them like I've never loved anyone.  They know me like no one else ever will.  They're the ONLY people I know who love me without any judgements and vice versa.  With that said, I'm just so sorry for you and for Peggy.  ::hugs::

debijanssen said...

How cute, Last night my daughter called me and we watched the pageant on the phone how funny...we critigued everyone....Maybe you should do it with your daughter sometime it's fun.

caragrike said...

Yes, I remember crowning you Miss TW.  We had a good time that day.  Keep writing because it helps me so much.  You and Peg entered every beauty contest they had in your "younger days"....yes...you were Miss West End and Peg was Miss Jr. West End.  I smiled when I remember those days.  Just maybe Peg does remember them too in her long term thoughts.  With love, caragrike (Your sister, Barbara)