Friday, April 9, 2004


Easter......The Promise of Spring!

There is so much to look forward to in the Spring Time. All the joy's of warm day's and Sunshine. Flowering trees and beautiful flowers.

I wish that Peggy had one more Spring to enjoy and be well.

It would be wonderful to see her emerge from her Winter and enjoy the warmth of Spring.

She lives in one season and one season only and that is the Winter of Alzheimer's. No warm day's, flowering trees or beautiful flowers.

The awful thing about Alzheimer's Disease is that it even takes away the ability to Remember Spring and it's beauty.

Would that all the tears I have cried could water her remembrances of  the spring time of last year and long ago.

The Easter's of new dresses, new shoes and easter baskets. Of going to church on Easter morning and sitting in the balcony, trying not to laugh. Of feeling pretty and wonderful in our new clothes!

Easter and spring are the times of rebirth from the long winter but... Not for Peggy.

She will continue to live in her Alzheimer's induced Winter for the rest of her life.

That means that I too, will experience Winter on the warm day's of this beautiful spring because we are sister's and I will always be there for her.

I will tell her about the flowers and trees and try to bring a little warmth into her Winter World.

The wonder of living is held within the beauty of silence, the glory of sunlight, the sweetness of the fresh spring air, the quiet strength of earth and... the love that lies at the very root of all things.

I Love You, Peggy!

Mary Louise


blufaery84 said...

Blessings to you and Peggy! May I suggest you paint eggs with Peggy this Easter? I think that will bring some smiles :-)

blufaery84 said...

oh, and HAPPY EASTER! :-)

caragrike said...

ML, Well said.....Keep writing because you can express in written word what I feel in my heart.  God has given you a talent which is writing.  You can express what I am sure Peggy would feel too if the tables were turned.  I love you! caragrike (Barbara)