Thursday, October 27, 2005


Once upon a time...

A little girl grew up and in her 40's decided to go Trick ot Treating.

She walked up to a door and when it opened, a monster was standing there.

The monster said; Ahhhh, Peggy, I have been waiting for you to knock at my door.

There will be no treats for you for the rest of your life. Only Tricks on your mind and body.

Your life will be a constant night of Halloween with monsters stealing your thoughts and running away with your memories. 

Do not scream for help because...

There is no one that can help you recover and be the person that you were.

You are mine now...

You will remain trapped in a night of Halloween miseries with ghosts that you can see.... but not remember.

You Peggy, will spend the rest of your life with me.


Thank goodness that there is new research now to slow the progression of this disease. New tests that can determine if you may get Alzheimer's disease.

It is too late for Peggy but just in time for millions of other people.

People who will not have to spend the remaining years of their lives living in the night of halloween.

I Love You Today, Peggy

Mary Louise


psychfun said...

I do hope she is in peace & not experiencing the trick. Perhaps the trick is really on all of us who have to see it & feel it. I'm hoping her thoughts/ brain  and those others with Alzheimers are really peacefully with God.

sanforized6 said...

So sad, BUT, so true! You always get it right in your easy mannered way. I so wish there was a "Treat" out there for your sister, although she has the greatest treat of all with you as her sister. Rich

wendy4145 said...


frankandmary said...

I do a journal on my dad's struggle with dementia & at times(certainly not all times), I have found that he seems to be aware of ~some other thing~that is going on, that I am not aware of. Maybe they have moments of peace that do not register with us. I hope this is so.  ~~Mary

mawmellow said...

i just love that picture of you sisters dressed for Halloween....wished the cobwebs of Peggy's mind would miraculously vanish

caragricke said...

Again, your words describe Alzheimer's.  It is such an awful disease and we have seen it up close and personal.  This description sent chills up my spine.  Thanks for writing.  caragricke (Barbara)