Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I talked to Peggy on Sunday night and was aware that she is drifting further and further away.

It is like all of her feelings have been turned off and she is separate from this world.

Her voice was soft and there was no emotion in her words when I talked to her.

Peggy was a person of laughter and expressive words in the past.

Now, she is a shell of her former self with no emotion to share.

How can I love someone who doesn't remember me any longer?

How can I love a person who has no emotion?

How can I love a person who has nothing to share with me?

How can I love a person?

How can I love?

How can I?


I remember the Peggy that used to be.

I remember Peggy before Alzheimer's disease took her feelings and emotions from her.

I remember a bright, funny, caring and loving Peggy.

I remember and fill in the empty spaces for her.

"When the heart grieves over what it has lost,

The spirit rejoices over what it has left".            Sufi Epigram

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise

MY LIFETIME LISTENS TO YOURS          (Muriel Ruckeyser)



barbpinion said...

Peggy is so blessed to have a sister who loves her so much. SO many others, going through this, would have yet loved her, but closed the chapter, unwilling to experience this kind of pain. I so admire your courage but the depth of your love even more.
Love & prayers
Barb- http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

aniracj said...

You love the memory of the person she was, you love her as you will always love her as she is your sister....always has been, always will be....cherish that my friend.

magogos said...

Barb said what I am thinking. You are all in my prayers. Margo

wendy4145 said...

You can love Peggy even though she has nothing to share with or offer you.
You can love her the same way you love your Mother righ now.
The same way you love your Dad.

I can't explain why diseases hurt us.  Diseases are cruel and hateful evil that we dont' have to take with us when we die.

when we die to our new life ... we are delivereed from the evil of the earth, of disease, and hateful hurt.

and we can still be loved though we may not have much to offer those we leave behind.
Becuase love is forever... Peggy does still love you Mary Louice.  And i believe God is helping her now in a special way.  I hope God can give you and Peggy memories without pain.  I hope God gives you comfort and peace during the hurts of today.

memes121 said...

She is very lucky to have you my friend.