Sunday, October 23, 2005


We live our lives every day with what I call "The Givens".

"The givens" are...The sun will come up in the morning. There will be air to breathe. Spring will come and there will be flowers. Summer will slide into our lives and bring heat. Fall will ease upon our sight and bring beautiful colors and falling leaves. Winter will blow it's icy breath and there will be cold temperatures, snow and freezing rain.

There are also "Givens" with the people that we know and love.

Kissing your husband or wife good bye in the morning and feeling the "Given" that you will see them again at the end of the day.

The quick wave goodbye to your children as they go off to school.

The "Given" is that they will walk through the door later in the day and shout, I'm home!

The "Given" when you see your Teenager drive away in the car, assuming that they will drive back home later in the day. 

The Given's in our lives tell us that we will always have.....


Peggy and I had many givens during our lives as sisters and I never thought about not having her in my life every day. 

The thought that we would always there for one another was a "given" in my life.

I never thought about the flip side of Given......Until Alzheimer's entered Peggy's brain and took her away.

I never flipped the coin of "Given" over to see the face of "Taken" on the other side.

I never flipped the coin over until I started....

Watching Peggy disappear.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



kmax0819 said...

This is soo true.  So many times I have taken for granted that there will be time to spend with my family after I graduate and yet it's after reading about the time that has been taken from you and Peggy that I remember just how short our time is here.  Time management is such a big issue for me and your words spoke volumes.  

Thanks for sharing your thought here online about Peggy, your grandkids, your life.  I'm so excited about the VIVI award and I know M.S. is so very proud of you.  She sent information out to probably everyone she knows.  I enjoy reading your journals even though I don't comment most of the time please know they are special to me and I read them everytime you send an update, I get them in my inbox.  

See you over the holiday season!

siennastarr said...

Are you aware you were nominated for a Vivi Award?  I don't know if that matters to you, or if you even knew.. :) ..  but, I wanted to congratulate you, and tell you that I have been reading your journal since day one, and I have laughed, cried and fallen in love with your sister Peggy.  You brought her to life in your journal, and you really know how to relate your feelings here, about her descent into Alzheimers.

At any rate, Mary Louise... Congratulations on your nomination...  You so deserve it!


wendy4145 said...

i take many given's for granted in my life.
i want to appreciate them and respect them in such a way that I realize....i am not guaranteed any of the things that are given to me.
Thanks ML

barbpinion said...

"The Givens" are what I thank God for every day. Wishing you luck on the nominations.

nightmaremom said...

Great work!  Congrats on your VIVA nomination. Good Luck

psychfun said...

Oh wow that was awesome! YES, we do take life & others for granted in our lives. I love this entry & I'm going to plug you on mine today. Hope that is ok!

jtuwliens said...

What a beautiful entry!  The Givens and the Takens make me thankful for the Present.
Congratulations on your Vivi nomination.  I proudly sit at your table in awe of those around me.

floralilia said...

Congrats on your Vivi nomination!