Saturday, October 29, 2005


Most people walk in and out of your life............

But Sisters leave footprints all over your heart!

(Author unknown)

Peggy, Betty Jean and Barbara have left deep footprints in my heart.

Footprints that can never be erased....

Not by time or distance.

Not by remembering or forgetting.

The footprints that Peggy made in my heart are mine to keep and are very deep.

Mine to keep and treasure forever.

Peggy has forgotten that I had made footprints in her heart and she has forgotten that I am her sister.

But the footprints that she made as she walked around in my heart will be remembered for all of my life.

The footprints of laughter, secrets, hopes and dreams. The footprints of sharing concerns, sadness and despair. The footprints of growing up together. The footprints of being known as "The Ross Girls".

My footprints are still in Peggy's heart but....

She has just forgotten that........

I walked there.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


barbpinion said...

Peggy will always be with you. I just wish she could know that.
Big hugs, honey.

magogos said...

You are blessed by all those footprints. I. too, just wish Peggy could remember all of hers. Margo

thelovetrain said...

You have my vote, dear.

... I'm sorry about your sister.

~Hugs, Brian @---->---

wendy4145 said...

siblings do leave perminent prints upon our hearts and lives.  Peggy's temperary loss of memory can't even change that.  Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Best Friends, Our Pets....  all make perminent marks on us.

Thank Goodness for THAT!