Thursday, July 28, 2005


I ordered Peggy's baby this morning from the Alzheimer's store.

I ordered the blonde headed baby with blue eyes.

Mary Ellen is Peggy's baby's name ( named after a doll that our Mother had) and I pray that she will be a comfort to her while she is in the nursing facility.

It will be interesting to hear how she reacts when her husband gives her the baby. I hope that she will like Mary Ellen and that Mary Ellen will be a comforting part of her life.

The baby doll is all that I can do for her now.

I have been watching Peggy since she was born and watching her disappear since 1998.

The Peggy that I knew is gone and I now have the task of adjusting my life to the absence of her presence.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise

"Someone To Care For" Doll View Enlarged Image

Doll Therapy is one of those rare blessings in disguise for women with Alzheimer's who were once mothers. Despite the upsets of the disease, the pleasure of holding a baby once again is a joy that can be relived and enjoyed for hours on end.

Nothing is more lovable than a baby. This lifelike, oh-so-huggable doll, looks and feels like a real baby with an expression that few can resist.

One family wrote, "My mother has had a baby doll for two years now. She loves that doll with a passion you would not believe. She kisses it, tells it how much she loves it, and keeps it with her all the time. At first she told me she knew it wasn't real, but with it, she never feels alone. This was the best thing we ever did for her."

Product Features:

  • Designed specifically for people with Alzheimer's disease
  • Weighted to feel like a real baby
  • A face and expression that no one can turn away
  • Three styles to choose from:
    • Light features: Light skin tone, blond hair, blue eyes (Item no. 0110)
    • Medium features: Light skin tone, brown hair, brown eyes (Item no. 0111)
    • Dark features: Dark skin tone, black hair, brown eyes (Item no. 0112)
  • The baby comes dressed in cotton pajamas with its own pacifier to suck on.

What we like best about this product:
The "Someone to Care For" Doll is ooooh, so cute and feels just like a real baby.

Useful for people in the middle stages of AD Useful for people in the late stages of AD


siennastarr said...

That is so beautiful!  It's amazing how very few things can reach a patient with Alzheimer's, but, a tiny lifelike infant will.  I hope baby Mary Ellen makes Peggy happy.  I know that if she is happy, or at least somewhat content, it will make you feel that way as well.

God Bless

wendy4145 said...

That Baby Doll "Mary Ellen" really does look so life like!  I wish you could hand Mary Ellen to Peggy yourself.  You know she is going to love Mary Ellen because you were thoughtful enough to ask her and she gave you a genuine answer "that she'd like to have Mary Ellen very much"

You are a very sweet sister to your sweet Peggy.
I wish I could hold that sweet doll too LOL

indigosunmoon said...

What a precious idea!  I'm a nurse, and I can tell you
that any sort of thing...a doll, a teddy bear...they all
seem to give comfort to people with alzheimers.
I'm willing to bet Peggy will love her new baby.

derasta said...

What a wonderful idea that is to get her a baby's so inspiring to see how much love you have for your sister...

dornbrau said...

I have been following your journal for a year now and can feel the pain and sadness you are experiencing right now.  A baby doll... what a wonderful idea.  I'm sure she will grow to love Mary Ellen.