Thursday, July 14, 2005


Peggy could barely respond today. Hummm, was all she could say when I talked to her.

The sound of her voice is all that is left now.

I still find that I get frustrated with her and want to shout in the phone...STOP IT, Peggy! Say something, anything.... just talk to me but she cannot!

I was flying back from the West Coast last week and took my ticket from my purse to see the time of arrival in Cincinnati. I looked at the ticket, found the arrival time and was putting it back in my purse when I noticed some printing on the back of the ticket stub.

The back of the ticket said,  This portion of the ticket should be retained as evidence of your journey.

 When Peggy could only say Hummm to my voice today....I thought about the ticket that was still tucked inside of my purse

Hummmm from her voice is evidence of our journey together and it was the best that she could do.

Since Hummm is Peggy's best effort now, it will have to be enough because she is still trying and that one word is .....

The evidence of our journey as Sister's.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


sanforized6 said...

Your journal will be evidence enough. Beautiful! rich

candespinn said...

MaryLouise, what a wonderful support system you have in your family.  I will contiue to pray that you find the strength to deal with your pain and suffering.  God bless you all and Peggy too.

carolhehe said...

You just amaze me how you just keep on hangin in there. Only love does that. I have read your journal now off and on for the last two years. Through thick and thin are you. God Bless you and your sister.

wendy4145 said...

Yes.  You will always have evidence of Peggy.  You have evidence that she is your sister.  You have evidence that she is your favorite sisiter.  You have evidence that she is special to everyone she knows.  And you will meet again in perfect harmony.  You will meet again when Peggy can remember, and speak, and laugh with you.