Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I talked with Peggy today and she had a flat sound to her voice.

I had been on the Alzheimer's web site recently and read that Alzheimer's patients love babies. Sometimes when I call her, she is watching the Special Delivery channel on television. The sitter said that she loves the baby and children's channel.

Talking with her today, I asked her if she would like to have a baby to hold. Her voice brightened and she laughed and said, yes in a strong voice.

I told her that I would find her a baby doll and send it to her. She laughed and said, good!  I said that if she had a baby doll, she would never be alone.  She would always have something to hold, talk to and take care of. She sounded so happy with the idea and said, good, good! I suggested that we name the baby doll "Mary Ellen" because that was Mother's doll name.

She responded with.... that would be good and there was excitement in her voice.

I am now on a hunt for a life like baby doll for Peggy to take to the nursing home next week.

It will have to be a special doll.

A special doll with a pleasant face and soft body.

I will keep looking until I find the doll that will become Mary Ellen.

I will give Mary Ellen to a special Mother who will love and take care of her. A Mother who will have a baby to hold and love and talk with as Alzheimer's disease continues to take her away

Peggy will soon be a Mother again and Mary Ellen is a lucky babydoll to have a Mother named...Peggy!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



mosie1944 said...

What a wonderful, insightful sister you are.

siennastarr said...

That's wonderful, Mary Louise!  I know it must have been good to hear that excitement in her voice, even if it was with something that you probably never would have thought of, had you not read about it.
Good luck in finding the perfect "baby" for Peggy!

God Bless

dimundntheruf69 said... Grandmother has just gone from an assisted living home to a nursing home and she has a baby doll as well...that;s a very good idea...your entries touch me every single are an awesome sister to Peggy...Never wavering in your love for her...I know the feeling I love my own sister the same way...hugs, ~Christie

wendy4145 said...

a baby!  YES!  that is a huge comfort to people of all situations, esp. Peggy's.  That baby doll in the PICTURE looked like a great doll to cuddle and care for. =)

I know you take comfort in making things better for Peggy through another stage/moment of her illness.

You are such a wonderful sister!

It is devastating to see your MOM or sister go through this at such a young age.  But thank God she has you  who cares so much for to offer her better ways to weather her storm.

I'm glad she talks back to you in cheerful ways.  She is lucky to have YOU by her side.


magogos said...

You are amazing. Margo

inafrnz247 said...

Yes, I have read this, too.  When I visit my Nana, I see many of the patients carrying baby dolls and thoroughly loving them.  Nana has a special love for stuffed animals.  She holds her dog and bears as if to say, "I'll take care of you and you'll take care of me..."  I know how important they are to her and your sister will so love her doll.  They are something concrete to hold on to.  God Bless...Michelle