Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Way We Were!

I wanted you all to see Peggy.

The Peggy we knew and loved.

We had such fun on our sister trips and we miss her so very much!



mrscheesestix said...

Why doesn't Peggy go with you guys? Is she physically ill? Maybe you can go somewhere on your trips that Peggy can go, not a cruise, but somewhere just to be together. Do you guys live close to her? What I'm getting from your journal is you don't live close to Peggy where you can see her regularly. Which probably makes this harder for you and Her. Maybe seeing your face may cause a spark in her. Do you send her photos?
God Bless Peggy

mrscheesestix said...

It won't let me type more than 500 characters on a comment so I am continuing.
I have never known anyone so young with Alzheimers, all I've known were older people so when they passed away I thought it was just natural. Do people die from Altzheimers? Or is it something they live with til they die?

mrscheesestix said...

Sometimes life has me baffled, I try so hard to see what it is that God is doing, but I can never figure it out. You are lucky you and your sisters are very close, support helps.

God Bless Peggy

caragrike said...

I miss Peggy too. We all live in different states now. Peggy is unable to come because she feels safe at home now. I, too, have never known anyone who is so young with the disease. Thanks mlrhjeh for sharing your thoughts and pictures of "Myrtice's girls"...precious memories of days gone by. I love you for it.
Cara Grike

grnflame4u said...


This is a wonderful journal!

It touched me, thank you for sharing


mw15mw99 said...

What a beautiful journal. You have touched my heart. Thank you for sharing. I have 2 sisters and it seems like our lives are just so busy we seem to let time go by without making it a point to get together. We live Very close and I think we just get so wrapped up in ourselves we let time slip away. Your journal has encouraged me to MAKE the time to have special moments with my sisters. Thanks for sharing. Kate