Monday, November 17, 2003

The Magic Hickory Stick

November 17, 2003

A call that made ME remember!

Some times a call to you makes me laugh and not cry!  

Today was one of those day's!

You were in a very good mood,  giggling and wispering. Just like when we were little girls!

I said, I love you today, Peggy.

 I love you too; you said.

Then, giggling you said; Barbara is here and she poopied in her pants!!

 You were laughing so hard that it made me laugh too. This time the tears that ran down my face were from hearing you laugh again!

The sound of your laughter made me think of being little girls and about

"Our Magic Hickory Stick".

We ruled the world with our magic stick that we tied with ribbons.

A touch of that stick could grant any wish, take us anywhere in the world and cure anything from stomachaches, scrathes,cuts, headaches  and even soften the mean words from the girl down the street that made you cry.

 It was also our scepter when we crowned one another,Miss America. 

The Hickory Stick brought happy, carefree day's pretending that we were powerful!

Today, hearing you laugh like a child again, I longed for that Magic Stick! 

If I had it Peggy, I could touch your forehead and make you whole again.

I could be powerful and bring you back!

It was nice to have you back for a little while this morning.To hear you giggle and laugh.

Thank You, Peggy... for helping Me remember a stick that I had forgotten about long ago...

Don't worry baby sister.

I will alway's REMEMBER everything for the BOTH of us!

Your memories will alway's stay safe with me!

Know Why?

Because Peggy, 

I Promise You.....


Another day of saying goodbye.

I cherish these calls because I know a day will come when you will not be able to talk any longer.

 A day when I won't be priviledged to hear your voice or your laughter ever again.

Today, I was able to hear you as You Slowly tell me....Goodbye..

Your Long Goodbye to me continues every day.

I Love you Peggy...My Sister, My  Forever friend.

Mary Louise



teebje said...

I have LOVED looking at your old pictures!! They look so much like mine. Old pictures are such treasures.

babygsmommy said...

I am so sorry for what you are going through. Your words make me so sad but I am glad you have your journal for a place to let it all out. Thank you for sharing them. Heather

kristiejune34 said...

Precious Memories..... I see that Peggy is very young, but I dont think youve said her age... She is beautiful too.