Wednesday, November 5, 2003

P J,Where are You??

You were not interested in talking today.

You seemed nervous and ended your one word sentences with..Yeah,Yeah,Yeah.

I  want to reach you one more time but hope is running out.

I'm just not as powerful as I would like to be.

 I was older than you and took on the task of Protector of Peggy. I can't protect you like I could when we were children

I keep having the same dream. I see you running towards me. You are crying very hard.

I hate this dream because you are behind a huge plate glass that I can't get over, under, around or through.

You reach the plate glass and look at me with terror in your eyes.

You have your hands pressed on the glass, you are crying but I can't hear you.  I see your mouth screaming..Louise, Louise, HELP ME! HELP ME!

I keep thinking that if I call every day...maybe one day you will know me and I can help you.

I know that my wish will not come true as I Watch you Disappear in this Long Goodbye.

I love you, P J.  I miss you so.


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pegsgodchild said...

I love you Mom.