Friday, November 28, 2003

Making the Call to "My Stranger"

We had a big day yesterday! 

 Our two daughter's and their husbands and all 7 of our grandchildren were with us for Thanksgiving! 

The children were running, laughing and having a ball. I enjoyed hearing the sounds of  their fun, laughter and excitement.

 We always give a Thanksgiving-Christmas present at the end of the meal to each child.

This year, it was a Santa cup to use all of December. They liked the cups and always look forward to getting their T-C gift on Thanksgiving night!!!

We then go to the room where we have the Christmas Tree. They count to 3 and magically the tree lights come on to ...Wow, awesome and's magic!

Then, we all go outside and count to 5 and as if by magic....all the Christmas lights in the yard come on. The children are amazed every year.

The adults are pretty amazed too! Even John and me! (smile).

This tradition started when our three children were small and we have continued it with our Grandchildren. It is a good tradition.

The look on all of their faces when the lights come on is special and I keep it in my heart to remember on a cloudy day when my heart is heavy thinking of Peggy.

 The sounds of  the laughter yesterday still echos in the house today.

I think that happy sounds take their place in the walls and stay around for a long while!!!

I called Peggy  yesterday to tell her, Happy Thanksgiving. 

She said Happy Thanksgiving back but there was no emotion in her words.

That always hurts me even though I try to keep my guard up.

Some day's, like today, I Need to Take Care of Myself Peggy and 

talk with you later in the day... when my Courage is higher and.....

My heart can take talking to "My Stranger"!!!

We will talk but Not right now...I need to hear the happy sounds from the walls and enjoy the memories of yesterday a little while longer.

I send love to you, Today.....  My Sister, My forever Friend, My Stranger..

My call Will come because I love and care for you.

 But Later...... When I am Stronger.......

Mary Louise



starlitemaker said...

I stopped by to say hello and read your journal. What a wonderful dedication to your sister, I'm so sorry she is ill. I'm glad you had a great "You" day yesterday to enjoy your grandchildren, it must have been a great uplift in spirit to hear happiness in your home and enjoy traditions with them to pass on! You sound like a very compassionate, loving, caring sister, Mom and Grandmommy! I enjoyed your journal, and plan to come to see how you're doing often! Take care :)

wendy4145 said...

Yes! You did have a very Happy Thanks Giving. Enjoy the laughter of yesterday, and... the beautiful day it is ouside.
= )