Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I Heard HOME one more time Nov. 12th, 2003

We took our Sister's trip again this year without Peggy.

Peggy, YOU WERE MISSED! All of us miss you every single minute of every day!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning ( 11-!2-03) you seemed glad to hear from me. There was a lilt in your voice. But...You just repeated anything that I said to you.

I keep trying to draw you out. Sometimes it works...sometimes, it doesn't.

You seemed more scattered at the beginning of our conversation but rallied toward the end.

You said that Melodie bought a big, new car all by herself. That you were proud of her.

You said you wished to see Darlene some time. That Brooke had been there and gone to B_Care. That it was O K because Aunt Louise was there. ( that's Me).

You mentioned that your hair was silky and that you liked it that way.

You laughed at my saying, why can't I have silky hair like you? You said because I'm the Only One with silky, shiny hair here!

I like to hear you laugh because it sounds like old times for a few seconds and I can pretend you are still You and nothing has changed.

There is a new drug available in January that seems to help. Meeninteen (sp). It sounds hopeful and I hope you can take it and come back to us even if it is only for a Short Visit. I'D take a minute with the old you!

I said; I love you today, P J.

 You said; I love you too. You never say my name anymore and that bothers me. I want to hear you say my name. Silly, I guess.

 I said; does my calling every day get on your nerves?

You replied with emotion; NO, Please call. I like it when you call. My nerves are good when you call.

I love you so much Peggy but I Hurt Inside because You're so far away in Mind and Distance.

Your voice is still strong and it makes me feel like I've heard HOME...One More Time! I'm not sure how long it will last but hearing home is a good thing for me.

We have shared a lot of secrets over the years and I miss having that security with you.

I have to laugh when I is really great that you Don't remember My shared secrets!!! (smile)!

Another phone call on this rainy day from Ohio to Alabama.

 Another day to say Goodbye!

 In This Long Goodbye to my Sister....My Forever Friend.



rontaube said...

Thank you for visiting my journal and for showing me yours. I have been a nursing assistant for over thirty years. The last twenty have been mostly with hospice. I have had many Alzhiemers patients over the years. To be cont.

rontaube said...

Part 2You are obviously a calming influence on your sister. That is what she needs the most. The outer mind may not always be there but her soul is. ON a calm day she can be quite lucid. All her memories are still there but when she is frightened/disorientated/stressed she will not remember anything. you are doing a great thing, god bless you.Ron