Tuesday, January 4, 2005


I love starting a New Year.

It reminds me of preparing for a cross country trip in a car.             I will need to pack a lot of things for the trip to 2006. A map, flash light and first aid kit will be in my car. I will pack my suitcases for the trip but will try not to take too much baggage from 2004 with me.

This trip will be different because Peggy will not be an active part of my life this year. This will be the year that I start my trip into 2005 without the support of my baby sister.

It is a year when I will get into my New Year car and start a trip down a long, unfamiliar road to arrive safely at 2006.

I will keep my eyes on the road ahead and do my best to arrive at 2006 in good health and happiness.

I will drive the 2005 car of my life and take in all the sights as I travel. I know that there will be times when I will get lost while driving and will need to look at a map to know which way to go.

I will stop my car along the road of 2005 and sit and think and drink in the scenery and remember the past years. I will stop my car in 2005 and get out to take a walk to stretch my legs before continuing on the trip to 2006.

I will do my best to be a safe driver by watching the road ahead but....I will also look in my rear view mirror and see Peggy. 

Peggy will continue to be a passenger in the car of my life. She will be in my rear view mirror as I drive down the road that lies in front of me.

She continues to teach me while I drive and I know that she will always be a passenger in the car of my life.

I will continue to look ahead as I travel to see how far I have to go....

While glancing in my rear view mirror to see how far I have come and to see...........Peggy.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



wendy4145 said...

All i can say to that Mary Louise is...

  That was BEAUTIFUL!

mcric5 said...

Mary louise, i've been reading some of the recent comments. i really appreciated the entry by the alzheimers nurse. it helped me to know that i am the one who is lonely, not my Mom. God is protecting Her heart from sadness.
I think everything has been said already, but I think your words are beautiful, and such an inspiration for anyone who has a family member with this disease.
Keep writing, please. love mary

stormie4851 said...

DITTO...........WENDY4145,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I CANNOT SAY IT ANY BETTER.........STORMIE