Friday, September 29, 2006


Dear Peggy,

I was thinking of you this morning as I drank my coffee.

When we got together, we spent a lot of time talking as we lingered over our morning coffee.

I'm sorry that you have forgotten that memory of us.

I'm sorry that you have

My heart hurt this morning as I looked into the hot, dark liquid, wishing that it could tell me the secrets that are locked in your mind now.

I watched the surface of the coffee as it moved and shimmered with the morning light.

There was no magic on the surface of the coffee that would help me understand why you were chosen for this disease.

I just know that I miss you and.....

I am missing you.... Remembering me this morning.

Most of all Peggy,

I will always love you and remember the little things that we did as sisters.

Like, drinking a morning cup of coffee together and celebrating the day and being together.

We are more than just miles apart now but that is OK because..

 I can remember for both of us.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



lsfp1960 said...

Another touching tribute to your dear sister.  How wonderful, the memories you have and are willing to share.   Linda in Washington state

wendy4145 said...

That is right!  You can remember for the both of you for now.  And she will hear your  sweet words when she gets her memory back in paradise.  

Thank goodness this earth isn't ALL.


motoxmom72 said...

MaryLouise, you always write the most trouching things about your sister.  Yes, you can remember for both of you.  I remember care free days as a child.  I would lie in the grass with my best girl friend and we would discuss the shapes of the clouds.  They are floating jig saw puzzles in the sky.
There was no magic floating on the surface of the coffee.....deep down inside of Peggy is that magic place where she knows you's just being held in place by the lock of Alzheimer's.
You celebrate her LIFE every day here in this journal.  You have put a HUMAN face to a terrible disease.

daddyleer said...

"I can remember for both of us" - With my wife's MS related memory loss I find myself guarding memories. The disease is different and we can still try to make new ones, though her part is forgotten as it happens.