Monday, September 11, 2006


I remember this day in 2001.

I was watching the television when the second plane hit the tower in New York City.

I remember thinking....

I'm glad that Peggy doesn't know what is happening today.

I'm glad that she is inside of her mind and isn't effected by the outside world.

I was glad for Peggy that day but sad for me.

I couldn't call her and share my feelings. I couldn't tell her that I was scared.

I can't call her today, five years later. I can't tell her about the scared places in my life.

Even so....I'm glad that she was spared September 11th, 2001.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

I miss sharing with you.

It doesn't have to be a day like September 11th to make me miss our sister sharing.

It just has to be...............

 A regular day.

Mary Louise


siennastarr said...

God Bless you Mary Louise..  In a way, it's like 9/11 everyday with your sweet Peggy.  The loss of her mind is almost greater than the loss of a life.


wendy4145 said...

you miss sharing with her every day....  911 losses are missed every day.....lost family and friends are missed all over the world every day....but especially on that anniversary day.  one day, there will be no more missing until it hurts.  one day, no one will be missing.


daddyleer said...

    I picked up Patti for an outing on 9/11. She was sitting only inches from her TV. Her MS visual impairment requires such proximity for viewing. Some 9/11 tribute program was running. I asked her if she knew what happened on this day. Pondering the question she responded, "Something bad, I can't remember what." Progression of her MS cognitive dysfunction symptoms erase her immediate memory such as the program she had just been watching and short circuit her longer term memory.
    Your rememberence entry was beautiful.