Sunday, October 8, 2006


Sometimes, when I think of Peggy, I am looking through a window pane in my mind.

I am looking through that window and seeing the Peggy that I used to know.

Looking through my window, I see her healthy and laughing.

Looking through my window, I see her talking with emotion.

Looking through the window in my mind, I see her the way she was and not the way she is today.

Then, something began to happen as I gazed through the panes of my memory glass.

Alzheimer's disease has turned off the sun and is drawing the curtains on Peggy's life.

I am aware that I see what I want to see in the window of my mind about my sister.

 Peggy is getting harder to see through the glass of the real world window.

I am glad that the sun always shines and the curtains are always open in the window of my mind.

I can always go to my memory, open the window and see Peggy laughing and enjoying life.

Windows are wonderful things. They keep the cold out and the warm in......

Windows let us view the outside world without experiencing the extreme weather conditions on our skin.

 The window in my mind keeps my memories of Peggy just beyond the clear glass panes.

The window in my mind keeps the memories of my sister....warm.

The window in my mind keeps my memories of Peggy safe from the cold of Alzheimer's disease.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

I'll see you outside of my window today! My curtains are open and I have polished the window panes. I will open my window and let the fresh air inside.

I'll see you Peggy........

In the window of my mind.......

The way you were.

Mary Louise




lsfp1960 said...

Beautiful picture, beautiful tribute to your dear sister.  Linda in Washington state

ajquinn354 said...

Mary Louise, your words always touch my heart, I'm able to feel your deep love and your loss in Peggy having Alzheimer and the major affects it has on the survivors of someone going through this.  Take care of yourself dear, Peggy would want that for you.....Arlene (AJ)

magogos said...

I think of you and Peggy often, and am always amazed by each entry. I have learned a lot from you two, and appreciate it. I am glad the essence of Peggy still lives in the window of your mind. Margo

wendy4145 said...

Peggy will always be the way she was you YOUR windows!!!

That is an outstanding fact.


daddyleer said...

Beautiful Fall view both as pictured and remembered.

barbpinion said...

Hi hon,
Lost track of you somehow, so had to go searching for your journal again. Every time I read about Peggy I think about a friend of mine who disappeared just like your sister is - only she was just my friend- precious to me - but not a sister. I have four sisters and can only imagine how difficult this must be for you. Sad as it is though, as heartbreaking, I'm glad you created this journal; it helps many, besides, myself, understand  Alzheimer's better (probably spelled wrong).
God bless you. Will be back again.

mslambersfour said...

I wanted you to know that I am behind you looking through the window with you.  And if you need it.. I will polish the window over and over so you will always be able to see Peggy... through your memories...
and if that window ever breaks... I will be there to help you remember.
I love YOU today mom....
Love, Melissa