Thursday, January 26, 2006


When my children were just learning to talk, they would point to something that they wanted and I would say to them...Use your words.

It was easier for them to point and get what they wanted than to search their minds for the word that they needed.

Over time, they learned the word of the object that they wanted and their language skills grew.

With Alzheimer's disease, the words in the mind are erased and searching the mind brings nothing.

Peggy still knows a few words and can still verbalize but most of her language skills have been erased.

No matter how much she would like to say what she thinks, the words are just not there any longer.

I heard a stroke victim say that it was terrifying because she couldn't communicate to anyone what she was thinking.

Is this what Peggy feels or are her words completely erased?

So, how do I communicate with Peggy when words will not do?

I have thought a lot about that in my struggle to let her know how much I love her.

Even a baby who has not learned words yet can feel loved by the sound of a voice or by a smile on a face.

This is the universal language.

The sound of a voice and a smile on a face.

It can be used all over the world to communicate in any language.

Words and the recognition of words are important but the look of the face and the sound of the voice is really the great communicator, in any region or language of the world.

Words are just sounds......

Not everyone needs to hear to understand.

Not everyone need words to communicate.

Not everyone needs to see to feel love.

Once, when I was very angry with my husband he noted...

I would rather have you say something than look at me that way.

I was speaking volumes and not uttering a word.

Sometimes...there are no words to communicate what we are feeling.

I think that even though Peggy has forgotten most words, she still knows exactly what the sound of my voice is saying to her.

It is saying......

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise




wendy4145 said...

i think you are right.  She knows a smile is firendly.  Just like a kind voice, a hug or a sweet word means love.

you keep on loving her.  She needs that every day.

sanforized6 said...

You "use your words" sooooo well!! Another beautiful entry. rich

onecrazymomto5 said...

OK you are part of the game I am calling - Hey I'm country!  Stop by my journal in a little while and check it out!  But give me time to finish the entry- you'll see why!

ashleekr said...

Hi, it's Ashlee.  You commented in my journal today, so I found yours.  Just read this one entyr, but I will be back.  I know it is a long and difficult battle seeing a loved one suffering from this disease.  Great entry - stay strong!!