Saturday, March 5, 2005


I have not been able to write this past week.

All of my words and thoughts concerning Peggy were frozen in my mind. Frozen as solid as a rock refusing to melt and run to my fingers.

It was as if my head and heart needed a break from thinking and writing.

Someone asked me one time if I could be a tree, which tree would I choose.

I chose a oak tree because of the strength,  endurance and size of the massive branches.

I have been a oak tree this past week. I was refusing to bend, to admit my weakness and to admit that Peggy is indeed, a lot worse.

After much soul searching and mind searching, I have decided that I need to be a willow tree where Peggy is concerned.

I tried and wanted to be a Oak tree but the wind of change in her was pulling at the great roots of my tree. Roots that did not go deep enough into the soil of my being to keep me upright and strong.

Now, I will learn what it is like to be a Willow tree. I will let my branches dance in the wind  when I receive news of her condition.

I must bend with the news, I must sway with the breezes of the changes in my sister.

My sister's, Betty Jean and Barbara will be visiting with Peggy on March 19th. I will stay close by phone and I send my love to each of them as they spend the day with our sister.

A sister that we all  remember and love

even as we ........

Watch Peggy disappear from our lives.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


barbpinion said...

And God will aid you in becoming a Willow tree, Mary. You are blessing so many people by writing this journal, as well as education all who read it. Bless you, dear one. I pray for you and your family all the time. *Barb*

wendy4145 said...

It's ok to be a WILLOW TREE. I Think they are beautiful and special trees.


s0ngbird1962 said...

Being an oak tree puts you in good company.  Katherine Hepburn wanted to be an oak tree when B. Walters asked her that question.  But my personal fav has always been the willow tree.  Brings back sweet memories of my perch in the willow tree, watching the world...

caragricke said...

For most women of our generation we begin as oaks but when age and wisdom are added the willow is a great tree to chose. I am eager to see Peg and maybe for the last time in her home the next will likely be in a nursing home.  We are coming Peggy....we are coming.  Love, caragricke/Barbara