Monday, March 7, 2005


I talked with Peggy this morning and when I started to say goodbye to her, I just couldn't get the word out.

Instead of saying goodbye, I hesitated and blurted out, Peggy, I love you!

She replied, I love you too.

That would have been a good thing if I thought that she knew who she was saying I love you..... too.

There have been many goodbyes in my life but this is the hardest, longest goodbye that I have ever made.

I think that from now on, I will just say "Bye" to her because I can find no good.............

In this goodbye to my sister.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


barbpinion said...

So sorry, hon. Keeping you in prayer. That is the best gift I have. *Barb*

sanforized6 said...

So sad, so beautiful of you to share. rich

wendy4145 said...

yes.... where is the good in good bye...

good wishes to you until we meet again will be more accurate wouldn't it?

I love you means the same thing really, right?


thebaabee said...

Oh Mary Louise,
I am just in awe in your strength.  I am in awe in your words.  Mary Louise I cannot imagine my sister writing about me the way you write about Peggy.  The love that pours out of your heart on to this journal is inspiring I feel as if I am living this with you.  Love bunches LuAnne

stormie4851 said...

I can barely stand reading your journal yet I keep coming back.  I couldn't imagine going thru what you are going thru, I have 3 sisters..............Stormie

lowis6535 said...

  This is something you Must Do ... I'm sure her husband & the rest of the family draw strength watching you honor your sister's life in this way ... even if the pain seems greater than the gain.
  Sometimes tending to What We Must Do seems like swimming while carrying a cement block ... you know failure is inevitable ... yet it is necessary to keep trying.