Tuesday, July 4, 2006


Dear Peggy,

I know you do not remember all of our 4th of July's.

I miss you today and I miss knowing that you remember. I am just thankful that you are still alive even though your life and all of it's memories have been erased.

Max Lucado wrote this and it applies to you today.

You are valuable just because you exist.

Not because of what you do or what you have done....

But simply because............


I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



frankandmary said...

You are valuable just because you exist. I have thought that about my dad for so long. We spend so much time proving ourselves  ~  Not necessary.

wendy4145 said...

Yes. Peggy is special just as she is today.  God made her. Some where, some way, she knows she is loved very much too.

I think you'd be a favorite person she'd look for to notice she is loved and cherrished as she exists.


dianedekany said...

I am not sure I agree with you (there are certainly worse things than dying!!!), but I admire your positive attitude about your sister's situation and I understand why you might want to keep that positive energy going..... Good luck!  

marainey1 said...

Just a note to say thank you for visiting my journals.  I know it's not easy to Look On the BRIGHT Side.  That is why I try also.  We need those bright moments to get us through the rest.  I have visited your journal before, though it's been awhile.  I see you have others and I'll try to visit those also.  'On Ya' - ma

merry1621 said...

My Grandmother developed Alzheimers in her early 50's.  This was in the early 1950's.  It wasn't talked about, people didn't know about it.

It devasted my mother's family, herself, her three brothers, and my Grandpa.  I didn't understand it.  I was maybe 6.  The specialists said to get her into a nursing home, but the family said, "Oh, Never, we will take care of her always."  Of course, they couldn't.  At that time there were no special Alzheimer's units.  The neurologists, and other doctors said, if you don't get her into a nursing home, NOW, None will accept her when her symptoms get worse.

Within 2 years the family had to place my grandmother in a State Mental Hospital.

I don't think my Mom ever did get over it.

My heart goes out to you Mary Louise.
Merry  merry1621@aol.com