Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I was driving yesterday and stopped at a red light.

I glanced out of the windows and saw a dark, threatening sky.    I heard thunder rumbling in the distance.

It looked as if the clouds would open at any moment with torrents of rain.

I was waiting for a down pour and all that happened was big rain drops, a few seconds apart hitting the windshield.

I watched as a big raindrop hit the windshield in a large ball and then tear drops ran down from the splat.

 I watched one splat after another hit the windshield. It seemed to me that the splat of water was in shock as it hit and then formed tears that ran away from it's center.

I thought how much that splat of water reminded me of Alzheimer's disease and how it hit our family.

Alzheimer's disease hit Peggy in a splat and it was a shock to all of us. We watched as it continued to hit her over and over again, like large rain drops falling from the sky.

It continues to hit her every day but Peggy doesn't cry. 

It is our tears that run down from the splat that Alzheimer's made when it hit Peggy.

It is our tears that fall as we watch the dark sky over her head.

It is our tears that form a lake in our hearts.

It is our tears that would drown our spirits if we didn't keep our heads up as we cry.

It is our tears that continue to fall as we watch her disappear.

Because Peggy....................

Has forgotten how to cry!

So, it is our tears that will always cry for Peggy.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


mgmturner said...

(((Mary Louise)))

wendy4145 said...

Mary Louise...

  That is such beautiful poetry and song...  You sure made something beautiful out of althiemers.

  How can something so sad be so beautiful!?

flygurlual said...

I have enjoyed reading your journal as well. I've suspected my mother has dementia and have had a difficult time but this must be extremely difficult, considering your sister's age.
This is such a beautiful tribute to her. Your photo's are beautiful as well.Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts with us.