Monday, June 12, 2006


I was able to talk to Peggy last night.

She actually said hello! It was so good to hear her voice again though the conversation didn't last long. Her attention span is short and after hello, she didn't have anything else to say.

I told her that I loved her but I don't know if she heard it or even knew what it meant.

That doesn't matter. All that mattered was that I heard her voice and I got to tell her that I loved her.

I thought about the many times that I have said hello to people and not expected any further conversation. I say hello to people that I meet on the street or in stores. They do not know me and I do not know them. I do not expect them to have a long conversation with me about their life or their day.

It is just a greeting.

Peggy was kind enough to say a simple hello.

She doesn't know me and didn't expect anything further from me. When I told her that I loved her she put the phone down and was finished with the call.

I thought about all the people that I say hello to in a day.

I expected and wished for more with Peggy last night. I wanted more from her than a simple hello but she was talking to a stranger and to a stranger.............

 Hello is enough.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


sugarsweet056 said...

I'm new to your journal, sent by pharmolo.
I took care of my mother for 10 yrs before she passed, she had Alzhiemers & Cancer.
My thoughts & prayers are with you dear & your sister!
God Bless,

wendy4145 said...

I'm glad you got to hear Peggy say hello to you.
And I'm glad you got to tell her that you love her!  

siennastarr said...

I am so happy that you at least got a hello from her, Mary Louise..  I know that wasn't much, but it was something..


loisontheweb said...

    Some people couldn't bear the pain & disappointments that you are going thru ... it is so honorable that you accord your sister's memories the dignity of still treating her as a human being ... some people find this so painful that they just cannot bring themselves to keep up contacts.
     Considering all ... I know what a treasure it is to still be able to see her, & to hear her voice!

barbpinion said...

I admire you so much and know others do too. So often I see sisters treating one another shabbily and it hurts my heart, remembering you and Peggy. Sisters are so special. Peggy is blessed to have the sisters she has.

wumzels2 said...

i am so happy for you.........knowing she was able to say hello meant so much to you.

i love your journal, and come here sometimes to catch up, and get so involved, with laughter, tears, etc. i forget to make a comment.  so stopping by to do so today.  keep the entries  coming...........i feel i have a sister named peggy after hearing you talk about her.