Friday, July 2, 2004



Mother and Daddy holding a 2 week old Peggy.

Mary Louise, Barbara, Betty Jean, Mother holding Peggy.


The Spring of Peggy's life began in Alabama. She was the 4th girl born into our family.

We had such fun in the spring time of our lives. We made mud pies, played jump rope, roller skated and played games. We had a neighborhood of children to play with every day. Growing up, we were each others best friends and each others protectors.

   Barbara, Peggy, Mary Louise in the Springtime of our lives.


The only fear that we had then was the fear of the boogie man and the lady who lived on the next street. She would yell at children if they stepped on her grass.  So, Peggy and I were always careful to stay on the side walk when we walked passed by her house.  This gruff old lady softened when she saw Peggy one day.  When we walked by her house one afternoon, in the spring time of our lives, she was on her porch and invited us to sit with her and drink ice tea. I thought that she might be trying to poison us.  Peggy and I talked about it the night we had drunk the tea. We said an extra..Now I lay me down to sleep that night. We decided that if we didn't die in the night from drinking that tea....Mrs Walker must be a nice lady after all.

Peggy, Barbara, Mary Louise, Mr. Tip in the Spring Time of our Lives.

 In the summer time when we were young, Peggy and I would walk down the street arm and arm. I would place my left leg over her right leg and she would place her right leg over my left leg.  We would walk this way to the corner of our street,singing to the top of our lungs the Fats Domino's song, I'm Walking. 

When it rained and we had to stay inside, Peggy and I put the hardwood floors of our house to good use. We would put on socks and slide around the living room pretending to be elegant ice skaters. When we tired of ice skating, we would get a big towel and pull each other around. The object of this game was to make the rider fall off so that the puller could have a turn riding the towel. We would also spend rainy day's sitting on a pot lid from the kitchen. We would spin each other round and round and then try to get up and walk. If there was no thunder we were allowed to play in the rain. Such wonderful memories of the Spring Time in our lives.   I purposely left out the "go get your own switch off of the bush in the back yard incidences".

SPRING turned into SUMMER. 

We were growing up and known as "The Ross Girls."                 We helped each other get ready for dates, with make up and hair styles and even homework. We all shared one bathroom but there were never any arguments. It was just the way it was at home.    SUMMER PICTURES Peggy            The Ross Girls        Peggy

SUMMER became FALL.....

and we had become grown women with children of our own.      We would talk about the Spring and Summer's of our lives and laugh at some of the things that we did.  We were happy to be in the Fall together and looked forward to the grown up Sister's trips that we now took every year.

PICTURES of the FALL of our LIVES.Peggy,MaryLouise,Barbara,Mother,BettyJean  Peggy, Mary Louise, Barbara, Betty Jean ...Mother watching over all of us.

Peggy,Barbara   Peggy        MaryLouise Sister's! MaryLouise,BettyJean,Peggy                 

Three of us are still in the Fall of our lives but Peggy has slipped into the freezing cold and ice of winter time.  


We all miss Peggy because she has disappeared into............... The Winter Of Alzheimer's Disease.....

We all grieve because Peggy doesn't remember the Spring's, Summer's and Fall's that we shared.... as...    

"The Ross Girls."    

 I Love You Today, Peggy!  

Mary Louise

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caragricke said...

ML, thanks for the memories.  I remember each picture.  We did have fun but you remember I was 17 months older than you and 5 years older than Peg so I didn't participate in some of the kid things y'all did. Ha!  I really appreciate mother trying to keep us close..I believe she did a great job!  I love you Peggy now and for always.  caragricke (Barbara)