Saturday, July 24, 2004



              PEGGY'S LIFE CANDLE

I think that the day we are born and draw our first breath, God lights our life candle.

 Our candle burns as we live our lives. The wax of all of our yesterday's run down the side of the candle creating a river of life that runs hot, cools and disappears.

Peggys candle of Life is still burning but the flame is beginning to  flicker.

Alzheimer's Disease is standing by Peggys flame of life and slowly blowing it's icy breath on the flame. Peggy's light is dancing from side to side, trying to stay lit and bright.  

As the days go by...Peggy's flame will be extinguished and Alzheimer's Disease will clap it's hands in victory.

It will take it's crooked finger's and approach Peggys Life candle. If there is still smoke rising from the wick of Peggy's life candle..........

Alzheimer's will smile as it wets it's fingers from it's mouth and taps the wick of Peggys life. There is an instant sizzle that signals another life has been snuffed out by this disease. 

The fire from Peggy's life candle will be........Gone.

Darkness will fill the place where Peggys light was and where.......

 Alzheimer's Disease still lives and extinguishes lives..... one flame at a time.

I Love You Today, Peggy and I miss you more than I can write!

Mary Louise


caragricke said...

ML, the writing is so beautiful.  I can picture exactly how Alz. is taking Peg.  Last night I could not sleep.  I return to school on Aug. 2.  All summer I have told myself to look for pictures of Peggy that I have so you can see them and use any.  I saw all the brightness that surrounded her but I was startled to see one of her while she lived in NC.  She is sitting at the computer with the same look that we now know as the beginning of Alz.  Maybe if we had known...we did know something was not right but didn't realize that it could have been Alz. now it is too late for her.  Thank you for describing this awful disease that is a living death.  I love you, BJ, Johnny and Peg so much.  I have a tape by Cynthia Clawson that I have listened to today because called "Broken: healing the heart".  It is so beautiful and just what I needed to hear today..caragricke

caragricke said...

Again, the tape is Cynthia Clawson "broken:healing the heart".  Song titles are:
My Mother's Faith, Teardrops, Broken, Fragile, Seasons of the Soul, God Help the Outcasts, Beautiful are the Scars, The Thorn, Broken Heart ( I needed to hear this today), Jesus Wept and Brokeness.  Ms. Clawson has a beautiful alto voice.  I weep today for Peg because I am sad and miss her too but I know that she is in God's hands because the last time I saw her she sang "
Amazing Grace and Jesus love me" in her beautiful voice, too.  Sometime  I need the teardrops to cleanse my heart and thank God because He has her in His Hands.  Love to my family, Barbara (caragricke)