Sunday, May 14, 2006


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!              To all of the Mothers of human children and to all the Mothers of Animal children.                                            FROM PEGGY AND MARY LOUISE               


wendy4145 said...

You are beautiful like your Mother!

wendy4145 said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Mary Louise! And Peggy!  Those are beautiful Roses!
I will send you a picture of me and my 4 children, taken today.
I tried to send it here, but couldn't. Chelsea is my fifteen year old Scottish Deerhound, Britney is my 13 and 1/2 year old Standard poodle.  Daniel is my 11 year old and Suzanna... my 2 and 1/2 year old.

Animal children are a picture of heaven.  THank you for appreciating Mother's of animals today too.

I hope today is special for you, and for Peggy, in very special ways.

njmom72 said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my journal recently and for leaving such a lovely comment. Hope you had a great Mother's Day and have a great week! :-)

~ Susan

my78novata said...

Yes I t hink being a fur baby momma is very important too. Graet you included that. Happy mothers day to all mommas one fashion or a nother. I remember coming to your journal before. :>}