Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I had a dream last night.

I dreamed that Peggy and I passed each other on the street and  bumped into one another. We were both surprised and grabbed one another in a huge hug.

We sat down and talked and talked. We talked about the last 6 years. We talked so fast that we had to stop to breathe. There were so many things that we had experienced and we were able to share them with one another at last.

We laughed and cried.

Peggy's eyes were brimming with tears as we sat across from one another with smiles on our faces.

I told her how much I had missed her and she squeezed my hand and smiled her.... Peggy smile.

It was so nice to talk to her again.

It was nice to have a sweet...

Sister Dream

I Love You Today, Peggy!      I miss you!

Mary Louise




psychfun said...

That is a lovely dream & is stating your desires. One day you will!

wendy4145 said...

That is an awesome dream!   I believe those kinds of dreams always come true.


aweakerpulse said...

Wow, I just read TWO entries of this and started crying.  

I couldn't imagine something like having a life partner forget me.  
Have you watched 50 First Dates?  Is something like that possible?


stupidsheetguy said...

Sweet dreams to you...


jayveeconcerto said...

Your journal is very touching, and your sister is indeed very lucky to be loved so much!      Jon

pharmolo said...

Came across your journal on a totally unrelated search, as you do on the Web. Very moved by your accounts, and admire you for your strength. Working in the health care sector, it is ever so easy to forget that there is actually a person behind the medical jargon. That the person who cannot remember where they left their jacket five minutes ago has a life of memories behind them. That they may have family who, like yourself, have memories of that person in full glory.

Take care

mslambersfour said...

Oh Mom....  
As your writing usually does... I am sitting here in tears.  The emotional toll this has had on you is almost unbearable to watch... as I know there is nothing I am able to do to help you... or Peggy.  I am only able to watch... give hugs from a distance... and write you to let you know when you have touched my heart yet again.  
This dream is fantastic!  I LOVE that you were able totalk to Peggy again...  And as you know... I DO believe in her psyche coming to you and being with you... somewhat like someone that has passed may come to you in a dream... just to say hello.  Know that Peggy WAS there... whether real or drempt... you were touched by Peggy... and blessed with a visit that may never happen in the physical world again.  Enjoy these meetings... and if by chance she comes again... give her my love... say hello from me... and remind her that it has been 39 years since she graduated from high school!  :-)