Saturday, September 24, 2005


I was able to talk to Peggy last night.

Her husband said that she had been saying my name, so he called so she could hear my voice and I could talk with her.

She took the phone and said hello in a small, soft voice. I told her that I loved her but there was no response. I asked her questions but there was no response.

I could hear her husband telling her to tell me that she loved me but there was no response.

At least, I heard Peggy say hello.

Knowing that she is well taken care of is enough for me at this point in her disease.

I never realized how many words, memories, stories of our lives together ..


How much love could fit in the small word.....


Hello, back to you Peggy and I Love You Today!

Mary Louise


mawmellow said...

God Bless all of you

wendy4145 said...

it's sweet that Peggy was missing you and saying your name.  How important you are to her.
Sweet and Sad that she was not able to tell you what she wanted to... but then again, maybe she did.
hello said it all.
and she did hear your words and voice too.
God love her and God love ya!

magogos said...

I am glad that Peggy was saying your name, even if all she could tell you was hello. Somewhere,in someway, locked away in her silence, you remain. I amso glad she is well taken care of. Margo