Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Peggy has a new sitter and her name is Wanda.

 I introduced myself to her this morning and told her that I call Peggy every day to talk with her. She seemed surprised.

She won't talk to me, Wanda said.

I thought about that and told her that Peggy really doesn't talk to me either but she does listen.

I told Wanda to talk with Peggy and know that she may not be able to respond but that she does listen very carefully.

Peggy took the phone and said, Hello.

I did what I do every time that I talk to her. I ask her questions and get one word answers that may or may not make sense to me. One word answers are fine with me because... I can still hear her voice.

She still manages to surprise me on some days.

Today, our conversation went like this.......

Hi Peggy, this is Mary Louise, your sister.

OK, was her reply.

Peggy, do you know who I am?

Silence filled my ears.

What are you doing today?


Are you watching television?


Television, are you watching a show?


Do you want to tell me anything?


What do you want to tell me?


How do you like Wanda?

Silence and then she surprised me by saying a whole sentence.

Peggy said, I don't know who Wanda is!

Wanda is the lady who is staying with you today, I said.


Peggy, I Love You, Today!

Good, Thanks.

I'll call you again tomorrow, Peggy.


I'll call tomorrow.


Because I love you and you are my sister.

I know.

Bye Peggy.


You can hang up the phone now.


This went on for several minutes until I slowly hung the phone up.

As I was putting the phone  down, I heard her say....OK.

 My heart crunched.

Today was a gift. Peggy said a sentence.

And Peggy.....Guess what?

I don't know who Wanda is either!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



thebaabee said...

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sanforized6 said...

Just so touching!! rich

magogos said...

I'm glad for the small gift of a sentance. I hope Wanda knows she is dealing with very special people- as are all such patients and their families. Margo

mawmellow said...

I appreciate all your writings but I want to tell you that today's entry today was especially heart tugging.  You blew me away with the "And Peggy....Guess what?  I don't know who Wanda is either!"  Just something about that line and how it put you on the same plane as gave me goosebumps.  I hope I have expressed properly the way this entry struck and Peggy are both fortunate to have each other.  

Also pointing out today was a gift because Peggy said a sentence.  How often we forget to focus on these types of gifts in our life.  

wendy4145 said...

Peggy new who you were today.

And she wasn't ready to hang up the phone yet.

I think she enjoyed your call.  YEAH!


phronsie said...

As luck would have it, I live in the Birmingham area.  Because my mother died of Alzheimer's in '97, and I kept an online diary about it, commenting on my experience as a principal caregiver, reposting it not long ago as an AOL journal, it was suggested I look at your journal.  
Alzheimer's is a terrible thing for all who are involved.    You have my deepest sympathy.  


dornbrau said...

Strength in good times carries over to the hard times.  It must run in the family for Peggy was able to reach through the fog of her mind with a sentence.