Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Peggy was having a hard time understanding me this morning.

She didn't say hello when she took the phone but I could hear her breathing.

I asked her if she was OK and she answered....What?

I told her that I loved her today and her answer was...Thanks.        It occurred to me that she was thanking someone who was a stranger to her for caring about her.

I wish that I knew what is going on in her mind and what she is thinking when we talk on the phone.

I asked her if she was OK today and she said; yes.

Her answers to most of my questions was...What or yes.             She  remembers those words but one day, she will forget them too.

I started to hang up and I said; Peggy, I miss you.


I miss you, Peggy. I miss you so much! 

She didn't say anything.

 I will call you again tomorrow, Peggy.

She never answered but I knew that she was still listening.

I didn't need to say anything else to her but that I loved her today.

In her silence I heard all the echo's from our past years as sisters.

Sometimes, words are not needed someone is listening to you with their heart but just can't remember how to respond.

I thought of this quote from Longfellow after my call to her.

"Give what you have to someone. It may be better than you dare to think".

Maybe, my call to her today was better than I dare to think. I hope that she can still understand the love in my voice though she has forgotten who I am.

Like I have said before. Peggy and I are cut from the same fabric and the thread that holds us together cannot be broken by people, years or distance and certainly not by...

Alzheimer's disease.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


sanforized6 said...

Your beautiful entries leave me speechless. rich

barbpinion said...

I'm with Rich on this. Your entries touch my heart so deeply that I am at a loss as to what to say. God bless you, dear one. Barb-

magogos said...

Your journal is such a gift. Thank you. Margo

insanedazy said...

It's an honor to read how your lives are being affected by this disease. Peggy is blessed with the love of your family.

wendy4145 said...

Mindful prayers for you


boombie02 said...

That was very touching.
Great entry.