Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I just finished writing a long entry that simply...disappeared!

My last entry gave the impression that something had happened to Peggy.

Peggy is doing well and seems to be happy most of the time.

Nothing can bring back the entry that I just finished! I watched and said...NO, No, No as it disappeared from my screen.

It made me think of how Peggy disappeared from my life.

She was here and then...she was gone.

  There was absolutely nothing that I could do to bring my sister or the long entry that I had just written back!

Sometimes, we never truly understand how important someone or something is to us ....... Until                              

It is no longer in front of us! 

I miss you Peggy and have since you disappeared and you were no longer in front of me!!

I Love You Today!

Mary Louise



wendy4145 said...

YEs... sometimes words just need to get OUT of us and not be shared with others.
And.. you made a very good point with this entry in place of the lost entry.  

I'm glad to hear that Peggy is often very happy.  That is truly a blessing!

So are you!


pharmolo said...

As long as Peggy is happy, that's all that matters. I sympathise with your grief that your sister may be physically present, but has otherwise gone.

mgmturner said...

So true what Wendy said.  I have written a long journal entry before only to have AOL kick me offline before I could post it.  I tried and tried to recreate the entry and it just wouldn't come.  I decided that it must have been for my eyes only and not try to recreate it.

Though the memories Peggy has of her life before the thief came have vanished, your memories of her life live on through your words.  Because of you, she won't be forgotten.  I know someday you will put all of these entries together into a book that will be a tremendous help to other families who are going through the same thing - families who read your words and nod knowingly, "yes, that's exactly what it feels like."  They will not feel so alone and helpless, knowing others have experienced the same thing.

Hugs to you, ML,

rdautumnsage said...

As others have said before me, sometimes the words are simply for you. All your anguish, love flows out on the page, never really disappearing because you felt them, read them. The same goes for Peggy perhaps she can't respond or feel as she used to ........ yet she still remains human in the context of feeling your love even when understanding is beyond her. Wishing you love and peace. (Hugs) Indigo