Friday, March 9, 2007


Peggy's husband always called her Peg.

I heard a song on XM radio today called "Peg of My Heart". It was a song from the 40's era.

 I thought of Peggy and R. as I listened to the words of the song. They are living a true love story that continues today. It continues as he visits every day with the woman he married. It continues even though she has forgotten her wedding day and the words she spoke from her heart that day to R. 

That made me think about the heart and what it knows as love. What the heart contains and what it remembers.

Three weeks ago, I had a Heart Catheterization. I was able to see my heart as the procedure was performed.

I saw the arteries and the chambers of my heart as it was beating. I was amazed during the procedure as a tiny probe searched my heart.       What I didn't see as I looked at my beating heart were all of the thoughts, feelings and memories that I thought were stored there.

 What I saw was a beating muscle that was giving me life.

We use terms like...I love you with all my heart.

My heart aches or breaks for you and many others expressions to describe our heart as the seat of our emotion.

The real seat of our thoughts, memories and emotions lies in our brains not in our hearts.

Our heart keeps us alive. It's constant beating supplies the blood and oxygen we need to survive. When the heart do we. When the heart stops beating, we die and so does our brain.

The brain cannot live without the heart but....

 The heart can live without the brain.

Peggy's heart is well and healthy but her brain is sick and dying.

While I was lying on a table in the cardiac lab, I saw an artery in my heart that just ended with no way to let the blood flow to other parts of my heart, an artery was 100% blocked.  I watched as the probe opened the clogged artery and a stent was inserted to keep it open.

The procedure caused no pain and my prognosis is wonderful. 

 I live in a time when a serious heart procedure can be performed and you can be sent home the next day.  Even 5 or 10 years ago, open heart surgery would have probably been the only way to open that blocked artery.

There has been so much progress in areas of the heart.

 One day, there will be a simular procedure performed on the brain of patients like Peggy who develop Alzheimer's disease.

 Areas of the brain that have been blocked by plaque can be opened, stented and blood flow restored.

Alzheimer's and other brain diseases will be a one or two day hospital stay and a patient can go home to a long, healthy life.

I am thankful for a second chance at life.

 A second chance.....

Peggy did not get a second chance in life.... because of her brain.

 I got a second chance in life..... because of my heart!


My Brain...... told my Heart to say....

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


wendy4145 said...


And I didn't know you had that procedure done on your heart.  I am glad all went well.  You are a brave, brave lady!


pharmolo said...

Good to hear you went well through the cardiac procedure, Mary Louise. Peggy's heart is still there, but beyond her and your reach...

ajquinn354 said...

Having the heart cstherization sure gave you a lot to think about with regards to our health and how some are blessed and some aren't as lucky.  Glad all was well with your catherization and stent placement and know you'll do well. I've been that route and it's amazing what miracles they have today regarding the heart and hopefully they will find some wonderful medical solutions to help those with alzheimer and other illnesses.....have a good weekend dear...Arlene (AJ)

magogos said...

Glad your cath went well, only wish Peggy could know how your heart longs for her. Margo

lowis6535 said...

    I suppose you already had this thought ... they can operate on your heart & do unbelievable procedures ... yet ... there is no way to "fix" Peggy.  MAYBE SOMEDAY?
    Good to hear everything went well with your heart surgery.


mslambersfour said...

Thank you for sharing these incredible photo memories of Peggy & Your sisters.  Mike and I laughed at several because we were there experiencing the good times that were always generated by the Ross Girls!  
Thank you mom... and I so look forward to hearring the memories you leave for us on your tapes... and believe me.  They won't be old and dusty before we will want to listen!
We all love you very much...

inquestoftruth said...

Perhaps the heart we love with is not the muscle that beats within us, but the very core of who we are, mind, soul, and spirit...and memories, too...maybe that's the heart with which we love.