Saturday, December 2, 2006


Margaret Mead said:

Often... sisters become each other's chosen and most happy companions.

In addition to their shared memories of childhood and of their relationship to each others children, they share the memories of the same home, the same homemaking style, and the same small prejudices about housekeeping the carry the echoes of their mother's voice.

Dear Peggy,

I am sad that you have forgotten that I was your treasured companion.

I am sad that you have forgotten the shared memories of our childhood.

I am sad that you have forgotten your children and mine.

I am sad that you have forgotten the memories of our home at 1805 St. Charles Court.

I am sad that you have forgotten how mother decorated for Christmas and her famous Thanksgiving dinner.

I am sad that you have forgotten mother's voice saying...don't open an umbrella in the house, go out the same door that you came in, don't be a boys proving ground, always remember your Colley pride, blood is thicker than water, always call and come home and many other sayings.

I am sad that you have forgotten mothers voice and mine as well.

But Peggy....

I am glad that you had those things for a precious, few years.

You might have forgotten in your mind but I know that those memories will remain in your soul for....

They will always remain in mine!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Merry Christmas 2006.

Mary Louise


mosie1944 said...

Wow, great pictures!  What a trip down memory lane.

amyrangei said...

I often wished I had a sister.  I grew up with two older brothers who always teased me and broke my toys.  Cherish those memories that you have of your sister, they're such a gift.


psychfun said...

I love photos like this!!! I have family pictures like that too. Makes me want to pull those out. I want to frame them & put them on my hallway wall. :-)

wendy4145 said...

That is right Mary Louise.  The voices, the words, the best friends and family memories are in her soul and will always be.

I am thankful for that.

joan3424 said...

I really enjoyed those pictures!   And I am jealous that you had sisters!  I had 3 brothers - they were mean to me as a kid - and not close at all as adults.   You had a bond that not everyone gets to have and I think it's wonderful that you appreciate that bond.