Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hey Peggy,

Christmas is always hard without you.

We had some grand times growing up this time of year.

If somewhere...somewhere in your soul, you remember Christmas at 1805 St Charles Court....I smile!

I hope you remember the love of our family at Christmas.

 Just a little part of it........ Any part of it.

We had such fun. So many laughs.


Daddy and Mother sitting in chairs. Daddy passing out the gifts.

Paper flying....

Laughter and squeals.

Happy times together as a family!

Happy times together as Sisters.

I miss those Christmases, Peggy.

I miss Mother and Daddy.


I miss you........ At Christmas and always.

I Love You Today, Peggy!


Wherever you are......

I send you my love.

Merry Christmas....2007!

Mary Louise


joan3424 said...

Peggy is just so beautiful!

wendy4145 said...

You all are a beautiful family.  It makes me feel better to honor those who I miss during the holidays to decorate them.  ( a pic, an ornament, something they made, I bring them near me for the holidays and i save special places for them on the tree, on the mantel, on the banister and always in my heart.

I decorate them and their memory for Christmas and it makes me feel better.

Honor those you love while honoring Jesus on Christmas.  Decorate t hem with Christmas so that they are still apart of your Christmas no matter what.


mgmturner said...

I'm still reading...thank you Mary Louise, that you're still sharing your heart.

Christmas must be the most difficult time for you, missing Peggy.  I hope you realize just how blessed you are to have such wonderful memories of your time together before she was stolen from you.  I read about your relationship with each other, with your family, and wonder just how is it you "make" that happen.  In my mind, with my own sister, I can't imagine being as close and bonded as you and Peggy.  It would be wonderful, but it would be a miracle too.  Just know that you even though you are living in a nightmare right now with the loss of Peggy's companionship, you were at one time blessed to be living a miracle that is not something very many others get a chance to experience.

I pray that God gives you peace this Christmas season.


pharmolo said...

It's the third year I'm reading your journal, Mary Louise. Each year the separation from your sister must grow harder. Even more so, because she is still with you in body - but you cannot reach her otherwise. Hope you do have a good Christmas nonetheless.

faithmtn said...

Through your sadness you are teaching others to never take a single second with loved ones for granted. THAT is a precious gift, this season and always. I wish you peace for your sorrowful soul. Wherever people "go" when they have Alzheimers, I am sure your sister loves you. Love never dies.

whitedove3622 said...

What a lovely family. As I look at these photos I can feel the love and the joy in that family. God bless you all and may God help you all keep and treasure those memories alive.                                    Dove

s0ngbird1962 said...

Always hardest around the holidays when missing loved ones.  Missing Peggy is especially hard, because she's here, but she's not.  Cruelest most for those watching, wishing, missing....

May God bless you and yours during this holiday season.