Saturday, November 17, 2007


    No one knows better than a sister       

    how we grew up, and who our

    friends, teachers and favorite toys were.

    No one knows better than she.    (Dale V. Atkins)


                        This knowing about our lives....

            Is what Alzheimer's disease took from Peggy.

                   This disease......

                                 took my sister from me.


 I have often thought that if Alzheimer's disease

could take on a form.....

It wouldn't ever want to meet me.

It would want to hide from me.

I grew up watching out for Peggy,

defending her against anyone who  was mean to her

or would harm her.

Alzheimer's disease wouldn't ever want to meet me

after what it has done to Peggy.

My anger towards this vile monster would be unleashed

and after the fight....

There would only be a greasy spot where Alzheimer's stood.


I love you Today, Peggy!   I miss you so much!

Mary Louise



pharmolo said...

A greasy spot, aye, were it but that easy, Mary Louise. Wishing you strength in the run-up to the festive season.

tendernoggle said...

I understand...and I would help you fight that monster because it is taking my mama....God bless you and your sisters.
love ya,

wendy4145 said...

She still looks so sweet and pretty as always!  I'm with you!  Let's beat that Alzheimer Ass, Cancer Ass and Diabetes ASS!  Throw in MS, Aids and a few other horrible deadly diseases and we will KILL THEM as they have KILLED our INNOCENT and BEAUTIFUL LOVED ONES!



faithmtn said...

I just found two of your journals this evening. They are beautifully written, "Getting old ain't for sissies" made me laugh, this one made me cry. Peace and hugs to you and your sweet sister.

chgodiab said...

please go and be with her in her time of need;she needs a sis like you, to be by her side!!

magogos said...

It is terrible that anyone has to live with the Monster of Altzheimers in their  life. How poignant to see all the pictures of Peggy in the past, and then one of her now, looking out at a world she cannot understand. May God bless you, and all who love her, during this Holiday Season. Margo

loisontheweb said...

I hope that Peggy's smile in that photo warms your heart as it does mine.  Smiling is a response. Smiling is a good response. Hoping that in her secret world she is content.

ajquinn354 said...

Mary Louise, Peggy will always be with you in your heart...remember that.  Her disease is a cruel one indeed as are so many others that take our loved ones from us.  Find comfort in her smile, she'd want you to be at peace in your heart and enjoying life, that's what Sis' want for their Sis'.   Lost Sis Elaine due to a drunk driving Doctor and my Sis Mary Ann is a 2 time breast cancer survivor, so understand your pain, but I also know my Sis Elaine wouldn't want me to grieve her passing forever and Sis Mary Ann knows I cherish each day we have with each other. Allow yourself to go forward.  Arlene (AJ)