Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hey Peggy,

The heart cath was last Tuesday and I got very good news.......

Everything is clear and I am fine. I sure was scared!!!!!

I knew that you were with me.      Thanks!


Today was my birthday. I thought about you today and the birthday calls we shared over the years.

What a birthday gift it would have been to pick up the phone and hear you singing Happy Birthday to You........Happy Birthday to You....

What a gift it would have been to hear your voice again.

Those gifts of birthdays past are gone but my memory is a gift that you do not possess any longer.

It may sound a little strange but I did hear your birthday wishes to me today.

They rushed over me like a wave on the ocean.

Memory is a beautiful, cherished gift.

You taught me that, Peggy. Thank you for the beautiful gift!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Dear Peggy,

I am going into the hospital on Tuesday morning.  How I wish that

I could talk with you.

The sound of your voice and the way you reassured me in times of

uncertainty is something that cannot be replaced.

I will have a Cardiac catheterization. It is a test to see if my heart is functioning properly

and if all my arteries are open.  I am scared, Peggy.

Years ago, I could have called you and you would have come to be here with me.

I will miss having you here but I am thankful for my husband and family who

will be here.

I will miss knowing you are here. I will miss knowing that you care.

I will miss knowing that your prayers are mine but most of all..........

I miss knowing that you remember who I am.

I know that time, space, disease or anything can erase our sister-hood and the depth of care that we have always felt for one another.

Somewhere, inside of your mind is a little place that remembers...Mary Louise and how frightened she can get at times.

Somewhere inside of your mind is a small place that will be thinking of me on Tuesday morning. I just know it.................

In my heart!


I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise